Whatever you call your direct-to-consumer strategy, our platform offers you the tools and resources to remotely connect and sell to your customers.

We enable human connections + shopping by bringing together the capabilities of

  • One-to-one video/audio calling and chat
  • One-to-many live stream selling
  • Shop instantly with integrated checkout
  • Product storytelling with digital media content
  • Real-time data and reporting

Engage with your customers anytime and anywhere

Storetale’s platform enables your sales teams to continue selling and connecting with new and returning clients regardless of physical location. Our platform is accessible on any device and can embed into your website, meaning there is no need to download an app. Offer your clients the benefits of in-store shopping from the comfort of their home. Our products can be used independently or in unison.

  • One-to-many selling
  • One-to-one selling
  • Remote selling

Human Connections

We understand the trust and reliance customers place on the expertise of your sales associates. We know that having conversations is important to building relationships. Storetale’s platform offers communication tools for video, audio, email and chat that can be used with groups at scale (live stream selling), or with clients one-to-one (personalised selling).

Storetale - Human Connections

Easy Checkout

Convert interest into a sale during client events and conversations. Our basket and checkout functionality is integrated within the platform so shopping interest and momentum is not lost during client interactions.

Storetale - Integrate

Insight + Team management

Our dashboard helps you to see and manage all information related to your consumers’ experiences and sales associates’ performances. The dashboard includes different user roles and access to real-time data and analytics.

Storetale - Dashboard


Digital content includes images and videos from social media, magazine editorials, celebrities and influencers, and advertising campaigns. Consumers seek out and use this content for information and inspiration throughout their purchasing journey. Include a diverse range of content alongside your inventory catalogues to enrich the shopping experience.

Storetale - Storytelling

Let’s start connecting with your customers