Our digital platform is accessible via a white label iPad application.
Modist is designed for consumers to use on their own or with the support of a sales associate.
The in-store platform provides one point of access to product, client and marketing information thereby offering a single tool to maximize customer engagement and sales. Modules can be added as necessary to fit the needs of your sales environment.
Digital Engagement – Storytelling
Modist displays products alongside influential images and videos curated from a variety of sources to help sales teams tell stories about brands and products and provide the inspiration and validation that customers are looking for as they shop. Sales associates can provide customers with context on how to wear the piece, inspiration behind the collection, and press and marketing attention.
Sales and pre-sale – Easy checkout
Modist connects with your existing inventory management and e-commerce solution to place real-time information on inventory availability immediately in the hands of the customer or sales associate.
Client relationship management – Personalization
Modist connects with your existing CRM system to provide sales teams with current and historical information on customers. Customer data and preferences are saved and tracked while sales teams engage with customers using the app. Sales teams can easily share products and follow up with customers using embedded email and messaging services.
Reporting – Data and analysis
Modist provides retailers with data on how the app is used by sales teams and their customers. Modist can track what products and digital content are viewed by customers, saved in wishlists, shared via emails/messenger and purchased in the app.