Storytelling on a daily basis or at client events
Modist can adapt to your consumer engagement strategy and sales environment.
Our platform can integrate with your existing inventory, e-commerce, POS and CRM systems on an as-needed basis.
Engage with your customers everyday
Engage with your consumers in-person.
Modist impacts the most important metrics of your organization: sales associate knowledge, customer engagement, sales conversion and average units/transaction.
An interactive platform for client events
Modist adapts to your retail experience - trunk show or pop-up.
Modist is an ideal tool for showrooming – show your entire collection to consumers using the power of digital content.
Modist is also perfect for trunk shows and pre-sales. Present your new collections to clients, use digital content to bring the items to life and place customer orders within the platform.
GAIN CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Give buyers timely insight on preferences and demands as they confirm inventory orders for the upcoming season and help to avoid under-buying (and selling out) or over-buying (and discounting).
TEST NEW BRANDS Gauge interest in new brands or products before committing to buy inventory.
DRIVE SALES Sell entire ‘looks’ rather than single pieces to increase average order spend.
IMPROVE WORKING CAPITAL Earn cash deposits on pre-sales and generate cash flow before deliveries arrive in-store.