Full-service: Modist builds and manages a platform specific to your needs
Modist provides a 4-step full-service solution by overseeing the content curated in the platform, training your teams and providing feedback on the data being collected.
Modist sources digital assets and curates exclusive content for each page of fashion products. Stylists and editors use our proprietary software to style each brand and product for your market.
Modist trains sales teams on how to use the platform (including CRM, inventory management and POS and pre-sale modules) and on how to maximize client engagement.
Modist continues to manage and update content.
Modist provides data-driven insights and analysis on marketing and press influencers, on product trends, and on consumer preferences.
Custom integration: Modist provides you with one tool to access to your back-end systems, information and data
Through experience, Modist recognizes that sales teams can better engage with their clients when they have easy access to back-end systems, information and data. Within the Modist platform, you can have access to CRM, inventory management and pre-sale modules. Additionally, the Modist API can be customized to integrate with your existing business tools and business processes for CRM, POS, inventory management and e-commerce. We provide sales teams with the ability to access all your company and client information from one place and in accessible format.