Four integrated modules
Digital Engagement – Storytelling
Modist presents a product or brand alongside influential images and videos from brands, magazines, fashion photographers and social media (user-generated). Content ranges from runway videos, ad campaigns and celebrity photos to street style and Instagram images. Empowering sales teams with the digital content their clients are already accessing on their mobile devices enables staff to better lead clients through the in-store shopping experience.
Sales and pre-sale – Easy checkout
Teams can capture in-moment interest and translate this engagement to a pre-order or sale. These can be easily generated at events including trunk shows or during daily in-store sales interactions. Invoices can be emailed and shared immediately with clients. 
Client relationship management – Personalization
Client data and preferences are saved and tracked easily while sales teams engage with clients using the app. Client information (wishlists, sales history, communication with sales teams) is tracked by a unique client ID and is accessible from any sales location enabling brands and retailers to retain this valuable information rather than rely on the memory and personal notes of sales teams or individual staff. Through the platform, sales teams can share product information and send notifications and reminders continuing to engage with clients after they have left the store.
Reporting – Data and analysis
Modist captures, synthesizes and shares all data related to marketing, products, clients and usage by sales associates. Marketing teams can now better understand what content influences sales, buying teams can analyze product and client trends to inform purchasing, and sales teams can improve how they engage with clients.