A consumer engagement platform for fashion brands and retailers to use in-store. Request A Demo
Modist is a digital sales platform that is accessible via a white label iPad application. It is designed for sales teams to use in-person with their clients in both retail and wholesale environments.
The Modist platform provides fashion brands and retailers with one point of access to their product, client and marketing information. This allows fashion brands and retailers (mono-brand and multi-brand) to better engage with clients, manage their buy for each season, and drive sales.
One tool and one point of access to impact the in-person experience.
The focal point of the Modist platform is Digital Engagement. We enable fashion brands and retailers to present digital marketing, editorial and social media content to influence consumer's decisions while they shop.
Our platform contains functionality for inventory management, CRM and sales/pre-sale. Additionally, our API can integrate with your existing software systems for inventory management, CRM and POS.

Digital Engagement

Present the most relevant digital marketing and press content about products and brands from different media types and channels.

Sales and Pre-sale

Integrate with POS for easy-checkouts and to create purchase orders during pre-sale events, in store previews or trunk shows.


Provide sales teams with current and historical information on clients.


Understand how the platform is used by the clients and sales teams and obtain insight on marketing influencers, sales trends and client preferences.

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